Packing Department


WANNAT, the Packing department plays a crucial role in ensuring that products are packaged securely and presented professionally. This department focuses on the efficient and accurate packing of products, ensuring that they are protected during transportation and arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Here is a detailed overview of the process followed by the Packaging and Packing department.

Packaging Design and Materials Selection:
The department collaborates with the Design and Development team to determine appropriate packaging designs and materials. Factors such as product dimensions, fragility, and transportation requirements are considered when selecting packaging materials such as boxes, protective foam, bubble wrap, tissue paper, and labels.

Product Inspection and Verification:
Before packaging, products undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they meet the quality standards and specifications. This step involves checking for any defects, missing components, or inaccuracies in the product. Verification ensures that only high quality and fully functional items are packaged.

Secure and Protective Packaging:
The Packing department ensures that products are securely packaged to prevent damage during transportation. Fragile items are carefully wrapped and cushioned with protective materials to safeguard against impact or vibration. This step minimizes the risk of scratches, dents, or other physical damage during transit. Below is the example image of step-by-step packing of Masonic Briefcase.

Quality Assurance Checks:
The Packaging and Packing department conducts quality assurance checks to ensure that the correct products and quantities are packaged. This step helps prevent shipping errors, ensuring that customers receive the exact items they ordered. The department may employ various techniques, such as barcode scanning or manual verification, to maintain accuracy.

Collaboration with Logistics:
The department collaborates closely with the Logistics team to coordinate transportation and ensure timely delivery. They provide necessary documentation and support to facilitate smooth logistics operations, including customs documentation for international shipments. Effective communication and coordination help optimize the shipping process and meet customer expectations.

Continuous Improvement:
The department actively seeks ways to improve packaging processes, materials, and efficiency, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of shipping-related issues.

WANNAT, The Packaging and Packing department prioritizes the protection, accuracy, and professionalism of packaging to ensure that customers receive their orders in excellent condition. By following efficient packaging procedures and continuously improving their processes, the department contributes to delivering a positive customer experience and maintaining the company's reputation for quality and reliability.

Please see reference pictures below:
Masonic Briefecases Packing Picture at Wannat Group