Payment Details

Payment Method Information Image at Wannat Group PAYMENT TRANSFERS DETAILS

At Wannat Group, we believe in ensuring transparency and security throughout the payment transfer process. We understand that clear and reliable payment instructions are essential for our customers' peace of mind. Here's a comprehensive overview of the payment transfer details process:

Invoice Generation: Once you have finalized your order with Wannat Group, our sales or customer service team will generate an invoice that outlines the products, quantities, and associated costs. This invoice serves as an official record of the transaction and provides the necessary information for making the payment.

PAYMENT METHOD OPTIONS: We offers multiple payment methods to suit your convenience. These options typically includes:

Bank Wire Transfer:
You will receive detailed banking information on the invoice. This information includes the account holder's name, bank name, account number, IBAN (International Bank Account Number), and SWIFT/BIC code. These details are crucial for initiating the transfer from your bank to ours.

Western Union & Money Gram:
Instructions on how to make the payment through Western Union/Money Gram, including recipient details and reference numbers, will be provided.

Western Union & MoneyGram Details:
Recipient Name: Available on Request
Address: Sialkot – 51310 Pakistan
Contact Ph: +92-052-6309270

Payment Term: Typically, we require full advance payment before processing and shipping your order. This ensures that we can maintain the highest standards of service and deliver the quality products you expect. We also recognize the diverse needs of our clients. We understand that different projects and circumstances may call for varying payment schedules. Our payment terms can be tailored to accommodate your unique requirements.

Verification of Payment: After initiating the payment, it's important to notify Wannat Group of the transfer. This step allows us to anticipate the incoming funds and prepare for the next stages of the order processing. You can provide payment confirmation through email, fax, or any other communication method specified by our team.

Please note that we do not accept payments through Credit Cards or PayPal. Our accepted payment methods include bank wire transfer, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Your convenience and security remain our priority throughout the payment process.

At Wannat Group, we take pride in offering a transparent and secure payment transfer process. Our aim is to ensure that you have all the necessary information to complete your payment accurately, and that your funds are transferred and received with confidence. Throughout the process, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have, making your experience with us as smooth as possible.