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Welcome to Wannat Group, a visionary presence in the manufacturing industry, rooted in a foundation laid in 2010. With an unwavering dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, we have emerged as a leader in producing a diverse array of products. Our primary production lines encompass an impressive range, including Handmade Badges & Patches, Masonic Regalia Supplies, Military, Army, Navy & Pilot Uniforms and Accessories, Civil War Uniforms and Products, Leather Crafts, and more.

Our skilled craftsmen use only the finest materials, ensuring that our products are not only beautiful but also durable and long lasting. We take great pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service.


Timely Delivery: We prioritize delivering orders on time, respecting your deadlines and ensuring your trust in our reliability.

Quality Assurance: Quality is our hallmark. Every product bears the seal of excellence, crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Competitive Pricing: We strike a balance between quality and affordability, ensuring that our products offer both value and competitive pricing.

Whether you are a Company or an individual seeking a unique and personalized item, we are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. WANNAT from Pakistan, we feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve you!


Masonic Regalia Supplies:
At WANNAT Group, we offer a range of meticulously designed Masonic regalia supplies that pay homage to Freemasonry's traditions. Each product reflects brotherhood, honor, and symbolism:

This section includes: Masonic Aprons, Collars, Gauntlets, Sashes, Jewels, Briefcases, Gloves, Patches, Badges, Ties, Cufflinks, Rings, Trowels, Gavels, Working Tools, Banners and Flags, Apron Cases, Books and Rituals, Officer Jewels, Officer Collars, Officer Aprons, Officer Chains, Past Master Jewels, Past Master Aprons, Past Master Collars, Lodge Furnishings, Altar Supplies, Ritual Gloves, Lodge Banners, Lodge Carpet

Hand Embroidered Badges and Patches:
This Includes Hand Embroidered Badges, Embroidered Patches, Bullion Badges, Blazer Pocket Badges, Custom Bullion Patches, Military Bullion Badges, Regimental Blazer Badges, Blazer Badges Manufacturers, Custom Blazer Badges, Blazer Badges Family Crests, Embroidered Family Coat Of Arms, Family Crest Patches Embroidered, Coat Of Arms Badge, Heraldic Badges, Swan Badge, Royal Badges, Blazer Crest Patches, Army Emblems, Army Badges, Navy Emblems, Army Patches, Army Patches For Sale, Military Embroidered Blazer Badges, Regimental Ties And Blazer Badges, Bullion Wire Badges, Gold Wire Badges, Custom Embroidered Pillows, Civil War Badges, Civil War Corps Badges For Sale, Civil War Badges Insignias and so on.

Uniform Accessories and Accoutrements:
This Section Includes Aiguillette, Aiguillette Navy, Aiguillette Army, Aiguillette For Sale, Air Force Blue Cord, Military Shoulder Cords And Aiguillettes, Army Green Cord Left Shoulder, Military Shoulder Cords, Jrotc Shoulder Cords, Navy Shoulder Cords, Army Shoulder Cords, Air Force Shoulder Cords, Air Force Aiguillette, Chin Cords For Hats, Sword Knot, Uniform Sword Knot, Cavalry Sword Knot, Uniform Lanyards, Military Uniform Lanyard, Infantry Lanyard, Military Uniform Shoulder Braid, Us Army Foragers, Belgian Fourragere, French Fourragere Army Service Uniform, Military Lanyard, Shoulder Epaulettes, Military Epaulettes, Gold Epaulettes, Shoulder Epaulets For Sale, Uniform Shoulder Boards, Shoulder Mark, Shoulder Loops, Shoulder Ranks, Collar Tabs, Heavy Bullion Fringe, Silver Bullion Fringe, Bullion Fringe Uk, Tassel Fringe Trimming, Gold Tassel Trim, French Wire, French Bullion Wire, Uniform Armbands, Military Brassards, Military Police Armband, Cuff Titles, Gross Deutschland Cuff Title, British Army Hackles, Fusiliers Hackle, Glengarry Hackles, Scottish Hackles, Pace Stick, Pace Stick For Sale, Apron Cords, Curtain Cords, Printed Flags, Flags, Pipe Banners, Pennants, Leather Products, Cotton Gloves, Ties, Bow Ties, Regimental Ties, Leather Gloves And Embroidery Patches Etc. 

Civil War Clothing and Accessories:
This Section Includes Confederate Civil War Uniforms, Civil War Union Uniforms, Civil War Uniforms South, Authentic Civil War Uniforms Sale, Reproduction Civil War Uniforms, Civil War Reenactment Uniforms, Civil War Frock Coat, Civil War Greatcoat, Great Coat With Cape, Confederate Greatcoat, Civil War Confederate Jacket, Civil War Cavalry Jacket, Civil War Uniforms For Sale, Civil War Cavalry Jacket, Civil War Kepi, Authentic Civil War Kepi For Sale, Confederate Kepi For Sale, Civil War Forage Cap, Kepi Civil War, Civil War Hat, Civil War Shirts, Civil War Trousers, Confederate Trousers, Civil War Pants, Civil War Clothing, Civil War Sack Coat, Civil War Frock Coat, Civil War Vests,  Accoutrements, Brogans, Tin Wears, Metal & Brass Buckles, Stainless Stell Items, Bullion Embroidered Shoulder Boards, Embroidered Hat Badges, Civil War Badges, Civil War Corps Badges For Sale, Civil War Badges Insignias Etc.


Late Mr. Muhammad Ayoub (May God rest his soul in peace) stands as the esteemed founding figure of our company. He was not just a person; he was the pioneer and paragon whose relentless efforts and unwavering dedication set the foundation for what we are today.

Mr. Ayoub, driven by an innate passion for craftsmanship, embarked on a journey that would transform into a remarkable legacy. With a commitment to delivering top-quality hand-made embroidery badges, he forged strong partnerships with domestic companies seeking excellence in their products. He personally honed the skills of the handmade embroidery craft, amassing over four decades of experience that would later become the cornerstone of Wannat Group.

Passing Down Skills and Values:
Mr. Ayoub pursuit of excellence was not just about business; it was about preserving and sharing a heritage of craftsmanship. He imparted his knowledge and skills to his family, instilling a deep appreciation for intricate artistry and unwavering commitment to quality. His dedication did not just teach the craft; it passed on values of dedication, precision, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Founding Wannat Group: Building on the legacy established by Mr. Ayoub, Wannat Group was founded. Although a separate entity, the company was nurtured by the expertise, values, and passion acquired over decades. The family's deep-rooted connection to the art of handmade embroidery crafts is the driving force behind our commitment to delivering exceptional products.

Embracing the Future: While our history is steeped in tradition, our gaze is firmly fixed on the future. We honor our heritage by infusing innovation and adaptability into our approach. The skills learned through generations guide our hands as we create products that seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and functionality.

Join Our Legacy: Whether you are a longstanding partner or a new acquaintance, you are part of the journey that spans 40 years of dedication. Explore Wannat Group, experience our meticulously crafted products, and become a part of a legacy that celebrates artistry, expertise, and the enduring values passed down through generations.


Dear Mr. Ayoub,

With deep respect and gratitude, we honor your visionary journey that laid the foundation of Wannat Group's remarkable legacy. Your unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and your indomitable spirit continue to inspire us every day.

As your children, we were privileged witnesses to your commitment and skills. Your dream of creating a company that would embody your values and craftsmanship was the spark that ignited our own journey. In 2010, we realized that dream, bringing to life Wannat Group.

"Wannat" - a name that encapsulates the essence of family, unity, and shared dreams. Each letter represents a cherished family member whose initials spell out the foundation of our identity:

W for Waleed
A for Ayoub
N for Naveed
N for Nabeel
A for Amar
T for Tahir

With profound respect and admiration,
Team - Wannat Group