Quality Control


The Quality Control Department at WANNAT is responsible for ensuring the highest quality standards in the manufacturing of Masonic Supplies, Badges, Patches and Emblems, Uniform Accessories & all other production lines. QC department work closely with the Design and Development team to establish quality control plans and conduct thorough inspections of materials, in-process production, and final products. The department focuses on testing, and continuous improvement, collaborating with suppliers and complying with industry standards.

Quality Control Planning:
Before the production process begins, the QC department collaborates with the Design and Development team to establish comprehensive quality control plans. This includes defining quality checkpoints, setting quality standards, and outlining specific inspection criteria for each product category. The QC team works closely with other departments to ensure that quality requirements are communicated effectively throughout the production process.

Incoming Material Inspection:
The QC department conducts thorough inspections of all incoming materials, including fabrics, metals, threads, and components. They verify the quality, authenticity, and conformity of the materials to the specified standards. Any deviations or non-conformities are identified, documented, and resolved before the materials are used in production. This helps ensure that only high-quality materials are used in our products.

In-Process Inspections:
Throughout the production process, the QC team performs regular in-process inspections to monitor the quality at various stages. They inspect the workmanship, stitching, alignment, and overall product integrity to ensure that the products meet the specified quality standards. Any issues or discrepancies are identified and addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of defects or inconsistencies in the final products.

Final Product Inspection:
Once the manufacturing process is complete, the QC department conducts a comprehensive final product inspection. This includes a detailed assessment of the finished products to verify their conformity to the approved samples and specifications. The inspections cover aspects such as appearance, measurements, functionality, and packaging. Only products that meet the stringent quality criteria are approved for further processing and shipment.

We are committed to continuous improvement in quality control. The goal is to deliver products that meet customer expectations and maintain Wannat Group's reputation for excellence in quality.