Masonic Apron Case

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Masonic Apron Case is made of black durablesoft water resistant fabric. It has two carrying straps one for hand and onefor shoulder. Comes with 2 zippers opening in silver. Inside pockets for regalia and straps to hold and secure regalia. Size: 19” x 17”. Apron case can be used for all masonic aprons sized 14” x 16” such as Craft Master Mason (MM) apron, Worshipful Master (WM) Apron, Mark Master Mason (MM) Apron, Mark Worshipful Master (WM) Apron and so on.

1 - Made of black durable soft water resistant fabric.
2 - Two carrying straps one for hand and one for shoulder
3 - 2 zippers in silver
4 - Inside pockets for regalia
5 - Inside straps to hold and secure regalia
6 - Size: 19” x 17”
7 - Suitable for MM/WM apron
8 - Excellent Quality

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