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Founded in 1999, we have many years experience in product design and making. Our motto is best quality, competitive price and maximum product satisfaction.

We are manufacturer and exporter of Masonic Regalia (English Regalia, French Rite Regalia, AASR Regalia, Intermediate Regalia, Scottish Rite Regalia & USA Blue Lodge Regalia) Uniform Accessories & Accoutrements, Embroidered Badges, Patches & Emblems, Ribbon, Braids, Ribbon Bars, Ribbon Drapes, laces, Civil War Uniforms & Products, Military Uniforms & Products, Military Berets, WW1 & WW2 Items, Swords & Knives, Leather Items, Highland Supplies, Hats – Caps & Kepis and many other products

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 Rang Mahal Street, Nai Abadi, MOH. Rang Pura, Sialkot, Pakistan

 Mobile: 92-342-7661394

 Tel/Fax: 92-52-4569795
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